IGUANA is Part of Cyptocurrency that Must Use in Your Trade

SuperNET is a collaborative community of participating cryptocurrency coins and their development teams, alongside innovative coders, networking experts, social-media and commercial development specialists and third party service providers, seeking to create a united platform of technologies focusing on the establishment of decentralised delivery of previously centralised online services. SuperNET it self is not a digital currency, it is the collective identity by which the members of the community work together to promote as a recognisable brand of technical innovation and delivery.

The main products of supernet is a powerful application called ‘Iguana’. It is an Anonymous Currency that part of the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet on the market, and it uses all the technologies we have been developing during the past three years. Iguana is a cryptocurrency application capable of doing atomic swaps between the supported coins. Thus you can conveniently trade and exchange your coins without any counterparty risk. Inside the app you also have the option to use our fully fledged Komodo wallet, and do private transactions.

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies is due to the fact that they’re decentralized forms of currency. Iguana and other digital currencies don’t have a single entity regulating the money. To understand how Iguana works as a currency, first think about the lifecycle of money. The dollars in your wallet are printed off by a centralized entity. Iguana isn’t controlled by any one person or government.

Iguana transactions happen from user to user over the internet or in person and aren’t facilitated by any central bank or controlling entity. Transactions carry no personal identifying information. During a typical Iguana transaction, a seller will send a long string of characters to the buyer. This long string represents the seller’s wallet, or the way they store their Bitcoins. The buyer then issues a transaction from their wallet, indicating their intent on sending a quantity of Iguana to the seller’s wallet.

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